Engineered Fabric Buildings for Recreation

Hybrid Building Solutions is proud to be an authorized dealer for Calhoun Super Structures in New York and Pennsylvania. Calhoun structures boast low operational and maintenance costs in comparison to traditional buildings, while offering a large, secure, well-ventilated storage solution.

In addition to multipurpose storage buildings, Calhoun Structures are an ideal solution for indoor recreational facilities.  From horseback riding to mountain bike parks, the possibilities are endless. The modular design enables structures to be built up to 200’ wide.

In the photos below, you can see the Calhoun fabric building offers a bright, airy, fully-engineered space for bike riders of all ages.  The structure provides enough room for bike ramps, decks, lips, drops and a huge foam pit. The naturally lit, well-ventilated space brings the outdoors in to give riders the true mountain biking experience indoors.

The Calhoun VP (Versatile Product) design allows us to interchange the different series of trusses to create any size of building for any type of application. Its distinctive, traditional look with 24′ eaves finished in wood or steel, will leave you wondering if it is even a fabric building. The rounded shoulder design finished in fabric offers a more practical and economical alternative for the VP Series.

If you’d like to get an estimate on a Calhoun Engineered Fabric Buildings, please contact Hybrid Building Solutions today to get started.

Fabric Building Indoor Park

Fabric Building Indoor Park