Fabric Building MaintenanceWhat preparations do I need to do before building?

The first thing we always recommend is to consult with your local building official on the rules and restrictions regarding your building permit. Knowing what is and isn’t allowed for your area beforehand can save you time and effort later on. Let one of our local dealers assist you throughout the process, from concept to completion.

What type of warranty comes with my building?

Every structure has either a 15 or 25 year warranty.

What makes Calhoun Super Structure a leader in the fabric building industry?

At this point in time, Calhoun Super Structure is one of the only companies out there that engineers every single building sold using the exact site conditions through 3D Finite element nonlinear analysis. That means we can tell you the exact level of stress the structure is under to the size of a pin head anywhere on the structure. This specific engineering process is just one of many reasons that have allowed us to continue as a leader in the fabric building industry.

Can I expand my building?

Yes. Expanding your existing building is easy. Our buildings are designed for quick and easy expansion.

What is an individual Keder panel system?

An individual Keder panel system is a custom made aluminum extrusion, mounted at each truss section on the top side of the top cord. Fabric panels are made to the exact bay spacing with a 1/2″ industrial rope continuously heat welded in place at the sides. The fabric Keder panel is then pulled through the aluminum extrusion and tensioned at both ends. Purlins and cables are then added, securing the structure and giving the fabric Keder panel its ultimate tension laterally. A leak-proof vinyl cap is then added to the aluminum extrusion for sealing. This system does not allow the fabric to touch the structures frame. This helps to create a quieter, more secure environment with no risk of wear points on the cover, adding years of life to your structure. This system is standard on all buildings over 60′ wide.

Industrial Storage & WarehousingHow long does it take to order and install my building?

Order and installation times can vary based on the scope of the work needed to be done, size and customization, but are typically ordered and installed much quicker than traditional wood or steel buildings. Contact us so we can give you a more precise idea on the amount of time your building will take based on your specific structure.

What kind of foundation do I need for my Calhoun Super Structure?

There are lots of foundation options for each of our series, from wood posts to sea containers. Check out the foundation options section under each series.

Are these buildings permanent or temporary?

All buildings are engineered to be permanent structures. However, the type of foundation utilized for your building can dictate your permit status. For example, mounting your building on concrete lock blocks can sometimes be considered a temporary structure by your local building official. This may vary depending on your location.

Can I relocate my building in the future?

Yes. Before relocating your building, you should contact us to be certain that the new building site meets the same site conditions as the old site. An engineering review with new stamped plans would be strongly advised.

What materials are Calhoun super Structures made of? How do I know that they are the highest quality?

Every steel component of your building is processed using hot dip galvanization, with the exception of our cables which are made using stainless steel. Next to stainless steel, hot dipped galvanizing is the best protection against rust and weathering.

Is it possible to customize my building?

YES! Our team will work with you to design the perfect building to suit your needs.

How do fabric covered buildings differ from traditional steel or wood buildings?

There are many benefits of a fabric building over a traditional wood or steel structure. The most obvious being the amount of natural light that engulfs the area as soon as you walk in. The benefits don’t end there, from energy savings to low maintenance, a fabric building can provide a great alternative to a traditional structure.

Do I need a building permit for my building?

It is highly recommended getting a permit to ensure that your building will meet the correct requirements for your area.

Are all fabric buildings the same?

Although they may look similar, not all fabric buildings are created equally. From differences in engineering to quality of materials used, each fabric building company is unique. Do your research and contact us for more information.