Concrete Bin BlocksConcrete Bin Blocks

Concrete Bin Blocks are a generic term to describe interlocking, stackable concrete blocks. Typically these are made with leftover concrete and offer a convenient low-cost alternative to jersey barriers. Concrete Bin Blocks are know by many different names including: ecology blocks or eco-blocks, lug blocks, mafia blocks, knob blocks, v-blocks, waste blocks, storage blocks, bunker blocks, and others.

Our Own Blocks

Hybrid Building Solutions will soon be manufacturing solid, interlocking, stacking precast bin blocks. Our blocks will feature a V-interlock system to maintain integrity when installing your building foundation or retaining walls. They fit together utilizing their tongue and groove design as they are stacked together. Ecology blocks can be used as a permanent structure or dismantled and reused. An embedded rebar lifting hook will enable easy transport & placement.


2′ H x 2′ W x 6′ L (Full Block) Weight: Approx. 3,600 lbs
2’H x 2’W x 3′ L (Half Block) Weight: Approx. 1,800 lbs

Fabric Buildings Constructed Using Concrete Bin Blocks

We design our concrete block foundations to securely hold the fabric buildings down. It’s often the wind and other factors which can put upward pressure on the fabric roofs. Our engineering team will ensure you have the proper foundation for the size and specifications of your warehouse or storage building.

Concrete Bin Blocks