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Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Hybrid Building Solutions.  We love to hear updates from customers on how our fabric buildings are withstanding the elements and making life a little easier. If we’ve had the pleasure of installing a coverall building for you, please take a minute to share your experience with us.

Here’s what people are saying:

Town of Essex Storage BuildingThe Town of Essex was quite fortunate to contract with Hybrid Building Solutions to help us realize a dream of ours. Our small municipality has stored its sand and salt outside, in the elements, unprotected from the weather with ill effects on ground water. Thanks to their amazing team, we now have a storage facility that is exactly what we need to protect our investment while protecting the surrounding aquafer. Mari-Louise and her entire staff, from those that answer the phones to those that oversaw construction were professional and courteous throughout the entire process. When questions arose, they answered them. When challenges emerged, they met them and overcame them. We in Essex are grateful for their service to our community.

Ken Hughes
Essex Town Supervisor

Town of WilliamstownThe Town of Williamstown would like to thank Hybrid Building Solutions for the great work they have done on our new salt storage building. Tom and his crew were very professional and provided continuous communication throughout the entire process.The town board is very pleased with the design of the building and the short construction period of the project. Bryan and Mari Louise are a pleasure to work with and made sure the construction phase of the project was seamless from start to finish. We would like to express our appreciation for a job well done.

Henry Allen
Williamstown Highway Superintendent


Our experience with Hybrid Building Solutions has been great! Beginning with budgetary info, then into designing our building, and through the construction, Hybrid was very knowledgeable and supportive.
We also were able to realize a considerable savings by utilizing a Sourcewell Cooperative Purchasing Contract for the Calhoun Structure.

Shane Evans
Village of Warsaw – Superintendent of Public Works


Town Clarence Salt BuildingLove this building…

James A. Dussing
Town of Clarence – Superintendent of Highways


During the summer of 2012, the Town Of Irondequoit lost our wooden salt storage barn to a horrific fire. With the snow and ice season just months away, we needed a permanent salt storage facility ASAP.

HYBRID BUILDING SOLUTIONS to the rescue. After the bid was awarded, Mari Louise and Brian Merkwa worked diligently with the Town to meet our needs. Everything from engineering to product delivery was expedited to help make sure our salt, when delivered, would be under cover before inclement weather struck.

Town of WilliamstownAll hands on deck. The crews, including Brian Merkwa worked safely and swiftly to erect our new structure. At the end of October, our fully functional 62′ x 40′ CC structure was up and ready for service.

The end of October 2012… Super Storm Sandy. For those of you not familiar with the Town Of Irondequoit, we are located on the South shoreline of Lake Ontario, just North of the City Of Rochester. The day after the new salt storage facility was completed, it was tested. Hour after hour, sustained 50 plus mph winds with gusts over 70 mph ripped across Lake Ontario and hammered our shoreline. I was on that evening into the next morning. Several times I would return to the structure and inspect it.

TIGHT AS A DRUM! After the storm had subsided, you’d never suspect what the structure had just been through.

When it comes to resilience to snow and ice, not a problem. Even a North-East storm (which is when we receive our heaviest snow accumulation) doesn’t jeopardize its reliability. We are so satisfied with the structure, we’ve recently had HYBRID install another smaller version on site. The Town Of Irondequoit is extremely pleased with the durability and workmanship of their products.

I was impressed that Mari Louise and Brian Merkwa followed up after everything was said and done to see if we needed anything. Great people to work with.

I would highly recommend anyone interested in a durable and cost effective storage facility to contact the HYBRID crew. You’ll be glad you did.

Jeff Graves
Town Of Irondequoit – Department of Public Works Foreman

I have 22 years of highway experience, 14 as highway superintendent for the Town of Redfield.The Town of Redfield receives an average of 340″ of snow annually.

Four years ago we purchased a 50′ x 70′ Calhoun storage building from Hybrid Building Solutions and had them install it on prefab concrete walls. I worked closely with Mari Louise and Bryan Merkwa to make sure we had the right design to handle our heavy snow load. My entire experience with Bryan and his crew during the building process was a pleasure. The building went up in a short period of time with no problems.

All and all, I am very happy with our storage building, before, during, and after it was built. Even with our snow loads, it is doing the job very well.

Paul Pratt
Redfield Highway Superintendent

Cape Vincent Fabric Building

We have a Calhoun Building that was constructed in 2012 by Hybrid Building Solutions. It’s a 60 x 160 set on an 8′ precast wall. It is used to store sand and salt for our winter de-icing. We also store equipment and cold patch in the off season. Our Town is located off the East end of Lake Ontario, the building was constructed on an east – west layout with a 20′ x 25′ door on the east end. Our prevailing wind is from the west – northwest. Being that we are this close to the open lake the wind seems to blow 24-7, we have seen numerous snow and ice storms and the building sheds snow and ice with no issues. In December of 2013 we had 4 days of freezing rain and the building shed the ice as it collected. I would recommend this type of structure and Hybrid.

Danny Hubbard
Town of Cape Vincent

I would like to thank Hybrid Building Solutions for providing the Town of Western our Salt Building. It has proved to be not only practical but extremely strong. Our town is located in a snow belt region of NY, just at the bottom of the Tug Hill Plateau on the west end of Lake Ontario. In the winters, we measure our snowfall in feet, not inches. Being at the wind end of such a large lake, we often get high winds. Our building has been through several winters with no problems. The combination of this strong structure that keeps our salt out of the environment and stops rain from washing it back into the ground has been a win-win situation.

Thank you,
Thomas G. Stevens
Town of Western Highway Superintendent