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View our photo gallery of fabric buildings we have installed throughout the northeast. No matter what type of storage needs you have, we can help you select the best fabric building structure for your specific requirements. Contact us to discuss details.

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Town of Lewis

72′ HT on our specially engineered precast walls for stockpiling
Town of Lewis

Town of Palm Tree

Calhoun CC 42’ x 84’ for salt storage in the Town of Palm Tree.
Town of Palm Tree

Town of Genesee Falls

The Town of Genesee Falls salt storage building is a 52 x 80 Calhoun CC constructed on a customer provided foundation that we engineered.
Town of Genesee Falls

Town of Kirkwood

65’ 84’ Calhoun HT on precast concrete wall for salt storage

Town of Annsville

72’ x 160’ Calhoun HT on frost depth precast walls for salt storage
Town of Annsville

GAF Lockport, NY

Here is an 84' Calhoun HT we built for GAF in Lockport New York. With their partners they will be recycling roof shingles in it. Since they had ordered the building over a year ago from a different company who was not able to deliver they contacted us in May (during challenging supply chain issue times) to provide them a building for an existing foundation and to be built over equipment they had already installed for their project. Challenging times!! Hybrid and Calhoun customized this building to fit our customer requirements and did it in record time.
Calhoun HT for GAF

Town of Smithtown Salt Storage Building

This 72’ x 100’ Calhoun HT salt storage building for the Town of Smithtown is erected on our own engineered precast foundation and is designed site specific to withstand the high winds of Long Island NY. The customer needed trucks to be able to drive into the building for dumping and loading but still had to protect the salt from the weather so we added a 24’ wide and 34’ tall door opening to both end walls in order to make that happen.

Town of Barker

Just finished the Town of Barker’s new 50 by 100 HT. This was a challenging project, having to replace an old building on an existing foundation. Within 3.5 days, Hybrid’s crew had the building finished, proving again that they are the best! Taking pride in installs makes a very happy customer!
Town of Barker

Town of Hartland

72x90 Calhoun HT on our frost depth, precast walls. For Salt Storage. For the Town of Hartland in Niagara County.
Town of Hartland

Town of Tonawanda

72’x130’ Calhoun HT salt storage for Town of Tonawanda highway department.
Calhoun HT Salt Storage Building

Town of Chautauqua

72x100 Calhoun HT Town of Chautauqua
Town of Chautauqua

Madison County

Madison County 150’ x 150’ Salt Storage Building
Madison County Salt Storage Building

Town of Theresa

Hybrid Building Solutions completed a 72 feet wide by 140 feet long salt storage building on precast concrete walls for the Town of Theresa in Jefferson County. The building is a Norseman Structures Arch Series structure.
town-of theresa-v2sm.jpg

Town of Williamstown

This is a 50 x 70 Calhoun HT fabric structure we completed for the Town of Williamstown (Tug Hill Area with high snowload!). The building is installed on our frost depth precast walls that are engineered for stockpiling sand up to 9 feet and incurring a loader impact..
Town of Williamstown

Delaware Solid Waste Authority

Recover of a Cover-all 80 x 120 Titan building
Delaware Recover 2

140 x 700 Cold Storage

140 x 700 Cold Storage Building at Ransom Road and Walden Ave in Lancaster, NY

Town of Vienna

Hybrid Building Solutions completed the Town of Vienna’s massive 72 feet wide by 120 feet long HT in Oneida County.
Town of Vienna

Town of Mansfield

Town of Mansfield 72 x 120 fabric storage building
Town of Mansfield 72 x 120

Town of Nichols

72' x 60' HT Storage Building on a poured concrete wall
72'x 60'HT Storage Building

Town of Lyme

Town of Lyme 60 feet wide and 160 feet long Calhoun Super Structures HT on 10' poured walls.
Calhoun Super Structures HT

Town of Dover

The Town of Dover's 62' wide by 80' long Calhoun CC Salt Storage Building
Town of Dover - Salt Storage Building

Town of Argyle

Town of Argyle - 72 x 160 Calhoun HT Salt Storage Building
72 x 160 Calhoun HT Salt Storage Building

New York State Thruway Authority

Storage building for the New York State Thruway Authority
New York State Thruway Authority

North Andover Low Slope

Calhoun Super Structures Low Slope building built in North Andover, MA.
North Andover Low Slope Fabric Building

City of White Plains DPW Salt Storage Building

64' wide and 144' long Natural Light GP Salt Storage building on poured concrete grade beam.
City of White Plains DPW Salt Storage Building

Town of Clarence

Salt storage fabric building installed for the Town of Clarence, NY
Salt Storage Fabric Building

Erie County Salt Storage Building

Hybrid Building Solutions was selected to construct the Erie County salt storage building on Harlem Road.
Erie County Salt Storage Building

Town of Chili Fabric Building

Hybrid Building Solutions was selected to perform maintenance on the Town of Chili's Fabric Building.
Town of Chili Fabric Building

Starksboro, Vermont Dept of Public Works

Calhoun Super Structures 62' wide by 144' CC on a 4 foot leg on a block wall.
Starksboro, Vermont Dept of Public Works

Town of Clay

Fabric Recover for the Town of Clay, NY
Town of Clay Storage Building

Natural Light Fabric Structure

We completed a Natural Light Fabric Structure for Martins Marine. The application is for year round boat storage.
Martins Marine

Land O'Lakes

We installed a grain storage building and transfer station for Land O'Lakes. Trains deliver the grain;the building covers the conveyor from the train to the trucks and keeps the grain dry.
Land O'Lakes Grain Storage and Transfer Building

Equestrian Riding Arenas

View examples of our custom fabric buildings used for equestrian riding arenas.
Equestrian Riding Arena

Town of Pittsford

72'x100' HT on Pre-cast Walls - completed in September, 2014
Town of Pittsford Coverall Storage Building

Recycling Buildings

View examples of our fabric recycling storage buildings.
Fabric Building for Recycling Storage

Salt Storage Buildings

View our examples of coverall salt storage buildings.
Salt Storage Fabric Building

Town of Medford

42' x 80' CC on 8 Foot Leg installed on a 8 foot precast block foundation
Town of Medford Storage Building

NYS Department of Transportation

New York State NYS Department of Transportation storage building
NYS DOT Storage Building

Town of Dunstable

50' x 84' VP Pre-cast Concrete Blocks
Town of Dunstable Coverall Storage Building

Calhoun CC Project Gallery

Browse examples of our Calhoun CC Fabric Buildings
Calhoun CC Fabric Building

Calhoun VP Series Project Gallery

Browse examples of our Calhoun VP Series Fabric Buildings
Calhoun VP Series Fabric Building

Calhoun HT Series Project Gallery

Browse examples of our Calhoun HT Series Fabric Buildings
Calhoun HT Series Fabric Building

City of Ogdensburg

Storage building for the city of Ogdensburg, NY
City of Ogdensburg