Calhoun Structures

Calhoun Super StructuresWe are proud to be the authorized dealer for Calhoun Super Structures in New York and Pennsylvania and the factory-trained installers for Iron Horse Structures in New England.

Since 1992, Calhoun Super Structures has been providing innovative engineering in order to meet and exceed our customers expectations.

Hybrid Building Solutions and Calhoun Super Structures are passionate about our business and put quality and care into each of our buildings — after all, the family name of Calhoun is on every building! The owner of Hybrid manages the install of every single building, building it as if it was in our own back yard!

Every owner of a Calhoun Super Structure building can be assured that their building is backed by a long term partner and supplier for years to come!

Calhoun Product Line

Calhoun CC Series

Calhoun GB Series

Calhoun HT Series

Calhoun VP Series

Calhoun CL Series