Cape Vincent Salt Storage Fabric BuildingAs you drive through various towns and villages, you are likely to see an increasing number of fabric building structures.  Fabric buildings are a popular solution for many types of applications – including: salt/sand storage, horse riding arenas, livestock, music venues, warehousing, manufacturing, aviation, airplane hangars, marine, military and even emergency shelters.

Tension fabric buildings (often called coverall buildings) are constructed using a rigid frame and sturdy fabric outer membrane. Once the frame is configured, the fabric cover is stretched to fit securely over the frame.  In addition to a thermal barrier, the tension fabric adds structural support.

Tension fabric buildings are an ideal choice because they are so versatile and offer a variety of options. There are fabric building models that are extra high – allowing cranes to maneuver underneath.  There are building models which are fully enclosed for horse riding arenas, livestock holding and other agricultural uses. The fabric allows for natural light to enter – which helps create a comfortable atmosphere.

Depending on your particular application, a representative from Hybrid Building Solutions can help determine the best building model, size and features to match your needs. We encourage you to contact us with questions or to get a free estimate.