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Best Time to Install a Covered Storage Building

A fabric covered storage building is an ideal solution for salt and sand storage, indoor riding arenas, recycling facilities and countless other storage applications. Municipalities often consider tension fabric buildings due to their expansive size, height and non-corrosive materials. Fabric buildings can provide a number of benefits to traditional buildings: Cost effective Natural light inside […]

New Coverall Building Installed in Catskill NY

Hybrid Building Solutions completed the installation of a new 42′ x 48′ coverall building in Catskill, NY.  The building can be seen in the foreground of the photo below.  Additionally, Hybrid Buildings recovered the existing 55’ x 86’ structure which was installed a few years ago. The buildings are used for a variety of storage needs including salt and sand […]

Benefits of a Salt Storage Building

Finding the best solution for your salt storage needs can be challenging due to the corrosive nature of salt and other demanding environmental requirements. There are many factors to consider – including building location, storage capacity, vehicle access, height, weather, wind direction, etc. Fortunately Hybrid Building Solutions can guide you through each step of the […]