Custom Fabric StructuresHybrid Building Solutions is excited to announce their partnership with Custom Fabric Structures (CFS). CFS specializes in building highly functional structures with a modern aesthetic appeal. With a combination of designers, engineers, installers, and craftsmen working together, CFS has the resources and experience to deliver truly unique and inspiring architectural structures.

Custom Fabric Structures have countless uses throughout a huge array of industries:

  • Building entryways that provide a glow at night to welcome customers
  • Covered parking that protects from the elements and denotes space for customer pick up
  • Facades that can make an aging building look new again
  • Covered “outdoor” space to increase capacity while providing the comfort of indoors
  • An escape from sun and rain
  • And many, many more

“We are pleased to offer our customers these unique fabric structures,” said Mari Louise Merkwa, Managing Partner of Hybrid Building Solutions. “CFS does a fabulous job blending structures into existing spaces to create a natural extension for businesses. These visually appealing products are great for municipalities, airports, businesses, etc. We look forward to collaborating with CFS on a variety of projects.”

Hybrid Building Solutions Partners with Custom Fabric Structures