Buildings designed with functionality in mind

The A-Series building line is designed for agriculture storage and light industrial use where an economical building solution is important. The 6′ and 8′ leg extension options allow for a variety of overhead door designs, increased storage capacity and the ability to position racking against a side wall. Deeper truss depth results in fewer trusses, therefore reducing labor, installation and shipping costs.

Norseman Structures fabric buildings are engineered for permanent use – they can also be moved and reassembled where they are needed most.

A-Series buildings are available worldwide and designed in accordance with structural requirements of the International Building Code and the National Building Code of Canada including CSA A660-10 and CSA367.

Download A-Series brochure.

Steel Framework

Norseman’s A-Series buildings use the highest quality heavy gauge galvanized steel to provide our customers with a product unmatched in the industry. Known for its superior corrosion protection, A-Series steel goes through a three step process starting with a layer of 99.99% pure zinc being applied to the surface. This layer is then topped with a conversion coating followed by a clear organic topcoat that seals the surface with a smooth finish. This triple layer provides a much higher corrosion protection coating than the traditional single layer of zinc.

Truss Specifications

Widths 30′, 40′

  • 12 gauge, 2.5″ square steel tube
  • 24″ truss depth
  • 1″ structural webbing

Widths 50′, 55′

  • 12 gauge, 3″ square steel tube
  • 24″ truss depth
  • 1.66″ structural webbing

Width 60′

  • 10 gauge, 3″ square steel tube
  • 24″ truss depth
  • 1.66″ structural webbing

Options & Accessories

Mechanical – Passive ventilation; Ridge vents; Electric louvers or fans; Air exchange / Makeup air units; Heating; Gas detection systems
Electrical – Standard or custom; Lighting; Emergency lighting
Doors – Personnel (standard or with panic hardware); Overhead (sectional, rolling steel, rubber, high speed); Canopies
Other – Insulation (reflective foil, fiberglass); Liners; Fire suppression; Metal cladding; Flooring; Pallet racking / shelving

Building Widths

30′, 40′, 50′, 55′ and 60′ to any length

Fabric Covers

Norseman Colors
Our standard 12oz/yd2, 23mil high performance cover fabric is manufactured specifically for your building and is available in a variety of colors. Fire retardant (FR) fabric is also available when required by your local building code. You can choose from either a highly translucent cover material or blackout fabric which is also available when natural light is not required.

Foundation Options

Foundation options are varied and may include, but are not limited to:

  • Concrete piles
  • Concrete spread footings
  • Poured in place concrete walls
  • Precast concrete walls
  • Shipping containers
  • Precast concrete blocks
  • Thickened edge concrete pad
  • Steel post
  • Screw piles

The Next Step

Various payment options are available including purchase, lease or rent. Feel free to contact us with any further questions.